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Skyhi Aerial

Always Striving for Excellence

At Skyhi Aerial, 100% customer satisfaction is always our goal. Our professional pilots will work closely with you to pre-plan and then execute the shots you require. All of our pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and fully insured to be able to shoot across the US.

I’m Matt Abrams, the founder of Skyhi Aerial. I have been flying or driving remote controlled planes, helicopters and cars for most of my life. I have also been working as a professional photographer and visual designer for a number of years. Back in 2007, when I first purchased a Gopro Hero 3 and strapped it to the wing of one of my planes, everything changed! I spent the next few years building remote controlled planes and helicopters specifically as flying camera platforms. And once the first multirotor drone flight controller was released, I was working collaboratively with individuals in China and around the US to build one of the first professional multirotor drone platforms. I also was part of the testing of the first commercial brushless gimbal ever released. Since then, I have been at the forefront of drone technology, from early kits to the high end professional drones available today.

Skyhi Aerial and our partner companies can offer a large variety of services from small residential shoots to large TV commercial productions. We cover a multitude of industries including Commercial, Marketing, Automotive, Construction/Architecture, Real Estate (Commercial and Residential), Events, Insurance, Inspections, Forensic Photography, UAV Training and UAV Test Piloting.